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For those that know me, and you are a few, my band is playing a gig next friday
January 25th.
We play rock and roll, contemporary Rock.
It would be great if some of you could come and support your local musicians.
If you can't or don't, no worries.
Hope to see you,
particulars are below

Here is the address of
3rd Floor O'Reillys

Exact address is ...
340 Yonge St.,
west side,1 1/2 blocks north of Dundas St.,
across from Sam the record man, on the third floor.

We are going on at 10pm, it would great if you showed up anytime after 9:30pm

We're only playing for about 4o mins, soo don't show up late


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my bands name is FATE
and our symbol/logo is
guess what


thanks for the vote of confidence
and yes im sooooo
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