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My B-day...who's comin out to party?

Chicago Kid

TRIBE Member
Seriously, tomorrow night we're meetin up at the Freehouse around 9pm, drinkin, then headin to a house party for some good ole fashioned dance muzak. Paul, Mark, others...
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Chicago Kid

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Originally posted by Eclectic
Fridays = Working

If you want, swing by Shockwaves and I'll snag ya a couple shooters.


NICE WON bruvvvva! Dude, you should come to this house party for afters...when I finally find out what the address is.

Chicago Kid

TRIBE Member
Paul...I'll let it slide this time, but next time might warrant a few shots for us! It was a bender on Friday night, but ALL good! You guys gonna be around over the holidays>?

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Paul Who?

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I'm heading to cowtown on the 24th and I'll be back around the 27th, I think we're organizing a D.U.I. night soon.