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Mutual Media

case sensitive

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You know............when two creations are made in separate forms, but they're still connected because of the themes.

For me right now its:

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins (music)
Stanley Kubrick "Lolita" (film)

These two pieces of media both touch on the ideas of:

- making sense of confusion
- creating your own path
- understanding your environment
- living in the moment

The magical part in all this is that so many of the ideas conflict with one another and to see the strong female character manage herself through the uncertainty is pretty fucking inspiring.

Any other examples?
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thats not mutual media, its thematic grouping.

mutual media would be something like chris cunningham & aphex twin's rubber johnny dvd & book combo.

case sensitive

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The "thematic grouping" thread just does not have the same ring to it.

Also, according to thesaurus.com "mutual" was an acceptable substitute for what I was trying to get across.

However looking at it this morning, you're right, it does look a little off.