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mutual driveway?


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Does anyone here have a mutual driveway with their neighbour?

How does it work? Does it prevent you from parking in the driveway since you would be blocking the neighbour?
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R4V4G3D_SKU11S said:
I think you work it out with your neighbour, ie. you get it one month, they get it the next.

This is how my agent explained it at some places I looked at before I bought my first house... assuming you have a decent neighbour it shouldn't be an issue. However if your neighbour is a prick then it can get ugly.
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I once found my neighbour parking in my driveway blocking me in my garage. I got a jack out of my garage, lifted the car and shoved it into the sidewalk. It hasn't happened again. :mad:


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There was a house by mine that has a mutual driveway. The one guy blocked the drive and wouldn't move, so the other guy got a front endloader from the gravel pitt and moved it for him. Cartwheeled it right into a field.

Everybody wins