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My review to come.....


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I'm curious to hear more details. We passed by something in downtown Montreal this past weekend, and even picked up a program, by nobody could really figure out exactly what was going on.


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it was the third mutek. mostly more experimental and minimal techno. they got shows during the day & night at various locations throughout the city. as well as seminars. the two big events were friday and saturday night at metropolis. there were ticket scalpers outside. i only made it to friday, but it rocked. all the acts were wicked, and the club was nice, sound was just right and lots of ventilation.

repair (our own t.o. cru) opened and rocked it w/ some smooth shit

cococabana went nuts and the crowd loved it

radioboy did his whole show (live sampling with all sorts of shit) a nice performance i would mosdef like to see again

akufen rocked his hometown with a hype very danceable set

hakan lidbo start off downtempo and worked his way up into a frenzy

all in all a very good night; personally i would have liked to see one or two dj's (there was one before repair went on). that aside it a was a wicked night.

saturday afternoon i got vladislav delay for some armchair techno and he did not dissapoint. then i sprained my angle in a pothole on the way back to the hotel from dinner and had to opt out of saturday night. someone else can review that.


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Mutek and Convergence were going on at the same time in the same area which explains all the goths and activity :)


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I was wondering what the deal was with all the Goths as I walked back to my hotel room along St. Catherine after the Friday afternoon session (which was dope by the way) LOved Friday night too, especially Herbert and his anti-corporate antics (sampling the sound of crushing McDonalds and Starbucks cup, wearing a GAP bag on his head) very entertaining. It was Akufen that got me on the dancefloor though, killer set that was too short. I thought Haken Libdo was going to be housier considering he's done work with Naked but still very danceable. I got handed free passes to Stereo for late night so I checked that out, didn't really like it but stayed until 7:30 anyway, meant I missed the Sat afternoon and evening sessions though as I was doing the tourist thing. Enjoyed all the events Friday, will be going back.

BTW Metropolis is one of the greatest venues I've ever been in!!!
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Friday: got to Montreal in time to eat and run to Metropolis for night one. Herbert was the highlight of the night for me… tossing hamburgers at microphones, destroying TVs, and fitting short but danceable bursts of sound in between. Akufen’s set was quite good, and the bass pumping out of the system at Metropolis was so thick it made some of us in the audience feel drunken than we were ;) Hakan Lidbo started out pretty clicky but progressed into a pretty pumping set to finish the evening.

Saturday: I wanted to catch one of the featured film projects, but by the time we got up and ate it was too late. We ended up wandering around old Montreal in the blazing heat, settling down for sangria and beers on a patio and being flashed by a drunk girl from Brantford (pics to prove it!). The second night out at Metropolis was somewhat disappointing (half the number of people out, half the intensity in the people that did come out). Luomo played last and managed to bring back some of the sleepers, but also had an up and down set (in my opinion). We ended up having a beer and some smoke at a park and winding down the evening.

All in all, Mutek was a great time, and a welcome change from the DEMF experience.