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Music sharing software?


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I know this has been asked before but oh well.
Can anyone recommend a link to downloading a good music and video sharing software? I used to have Morpheus which I found really concise and fast but I can't seem to find it on the net. Is it free anymore?

Any programs similar to Kazaa out there? What's everyone using other than FTPs?
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i like AudioGalaxy - and you shoud try the Tribe ftp site, lots of good shit on there. ftp is not difficult to use - once you're in it's like using Windows Explorer except slower.

and why didn't you buy an iMac?



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direct connect is hands down the best general purpose file sharing app for the pc. audiogalaxy is the most convenient and widely used for music only.

terrawrist III

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soulseek is the shit, hands down!!!

I actually got the reccomendation on here...people all over the worl wide web ready to share their arovane_phenom,or their masters of illusion with you!

great if you're looking for shit like that,no fuss,no muss(what the fuck does that mean anyway?)


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direct connect (dc++) is good for divx only, unless you're on a good hub with good music (but where are they and how do i get on one!?)

audio galaxy for general music (although im finding it hard to find some mainstream stuff on there)

soulseek for techno (its everything i love about ftp's & dc++ but better!)

and the tribe ftp of course for good music you dont know or havent heard yet (i have yet to download something dissapointing from it :) )

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