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music like this

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i'd tell you but audiogalaxy blocked off all eat-static music

i'm interested in hearing it though



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i'm confident i can answer your question i just have to hear the song

it's making me mad that i can't find it anywhere online

stupid user friendly p2p programs that have turned the internet into uselessness

where have all the ftp searches gone?


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? ftp://mp3:mp3@soundchannel.myip.org/goa/Eat Static - In The Nude [192]/10 Mandrake.mp3
9712k ?

ftp://mp3:mp3@finvarra.dyndns.org/Full Albums/Britpop and Alternative/Eat Static - In the Nude/10 - Eat Static - Mandrake.mp3
9682k ?

ftp://Look:Look@psyzone.7thfire.com:305/D:/PsyZone - groove(E)mission -/[] FULL ALBUMS/Eat Static - In The Nude ( Mesmobeat - 2001 )/10-eat_static_-_mandrake-gem.mp3
9682k ? f

tp://othnet:eek:thnet@ Ambient Chillout =--/Eat Static - In The Nude/10-eat_static_-_mandrake-gem.mp3


so far it's a goa / ambient / chill out song?


just from the description i'd recommend NEXUS - MINDKNOBS

but no one would know where to find it considering it's an independent release on CLOUD 9 which also no one has ever heard of



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i'll check that out

as for the eat static tune... if i -had- to describe it, i'd say it has elements of jazz, drum & bass, and something right out of a carnival...
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but if you're really curious about a psyched-out funk-infused album of eclectic and highly entertaining electronic music, just buy the full length... eat static - in the nude!