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Mushroom Jhasss Question


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Awhile ago (1999) I got a cd that was labeled mj/Farina. Upon playing it i realized that it was in fact Mushroom Jazz (which later became Mushroom Jazz 1) but slightly different. This "mj" cd was different from the Mushroom Jazz cd in that it had the same tracks but all the tracks were in a different order. It was Mushroom Jazz, but a different mix! A week and three listens later this cd was lost but since then Ive heard of this mix of Musroom Jazz 1. Can anyone confirm or deny this??
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Originally, the commercial release of MJ1 was a 45 minute mix, but later (and I think due to its moderate success) was redone as a proper 68 - 72 minute mix (with the tracks in a different order as you said), which is the one you find in stores today. This original CD was on shelves until at least 1999. Lost my copy too!

If anyone has this original, shorter mix, I'd be interested in a trade. Anyone?
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jimmy c

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i have 2 mixes i got from themixingblowl.org that are labeled mj vol 19 and mj vol 20.

i had no idea there were this many mj mixes before the commercial mixes were released.

anybody else have any of the originals?