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Multi touch innovation WOW

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that 420 guy

TRIBE Member
headwinds said:
* yawn * its not even his trick -- I think Eric Natzke did it first for HP a few years ago.

I hate the book metaphor as an interface... books are bad navs.

now had he did something involving navigating with your web cam and gesturing to the content, I would be impressed.... i think something like this is now possible as a web interface.

so deserving of its own thread. that interface is pure technophile porn *drool*

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


glych t.anomaly

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Blue Meanies said:
whats the ETA on this making it out to the public ??? maybe this is why vista is going to be the first 3d interface OS?

dont know the ETA for public release, doesnt Mac/Apple own all the patent rights to wacom?