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Mulholland Drive


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.. is out for rent

anyone else seen it?

i just watched it tonight .. and want to say alot about it but i don't really know what to say

the lynchism of the movie was astounding

my only concern is that you can't help but feel cheated when you've watched a movie that even the director / writer would probably have problems explaining

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I felt the same way. I see nothing wrong with a film that has to be puzzed over a bit to understand what's going on (see: Donnie Darko (no, really, see Donnie Darko!)) but to have a film that fucking incomprehensible just makes me not even want to give a shit.

Don't get me wrong, I actually would say I enjoyed the film, well, I enjoyed the characterizations and some of the scenes as stand-alone set pieces, but there seemed to be way too much superfluous weirdness for no other reason than to make us shake our heads and wonder what the fuck was going on.


MMmmMMm.. sexy lesbians.

..BTW if you were frustrated by Lost Highway avoid this film at all costs.