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Much of Toronto's "road repairs" seem bogus. Look more closely at what is being done...

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totally unrelated to the subject of this thread, but I saw coleridge and his girlfriend walking on Logan between queen st and eastern about 3 months ago.

I was on my motorcycle and was going to honk and wave, but didn't.

true story.
yes, because NO ONE ever complained about road construction during the 80s or 90s. You guys both need another morning coffee.

Jesus Christ - memories are short - it wasn't that long ago that Spadina from College all the way to Front street was a neglected disaster. It was almost like you'd be doing offroading through a recently decimated warzone. They neglected it pretty much all through the 80's.

Think what it's like driving along Dufferin Street and it being 10 times worse. I'm not exaggerating. When I was kid taking a school bus down to the day camp, there were kids sitting in the very last row getting air and touching the ceiling with some of the potholes.
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I had a look at the hole on Carlaw south of Queen. It is huge but 4" deep. No steel plates. I think they must be giving the asphalt underneath some air or something, or allowing it to tan a bit, before filling it in again some time next month. There was nothing wrong with that patch of road before they tore it up.
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well, if you want some examples, look at this past week's "repairs" on Carlaw between Queen East and Eastern. Whereas Carlaw north between Queen St. E and Dundas is basically an open pit mine that needs repair.

Or this summer's extended road repairs at Queen East @ Logan by the Starbucks which appear completed for now. This was a dig a hole and fill it in again thing that went on for the month of August.

My point is that most people are focusing on the bollards and construction pylons because it disrupts their travel at the expense of looking at what is actually being done.

My understanding is that a lot of the arterial roads in the Leslieville area are very hard to keep up to snuff, because they receive so much heavy truck traffic in and out of the Commissioners St and Unwin industrial areas. It's a never ending cycle of patching.
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There is a kilometer worth of road at Derry E. and the Gore rd. that's been worked on for a year with no end in sight. Repaving the road,repairing curbs and side walks. One year for one kilometer! Shit got done quicker in the communist eastern block back in the day, and those fuckers knew how to kill time.


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So the DVP is closed for the weekend and I get it but what I don't get is that the city traffic planners lack the foresight to forbid parking on Broadview and Bayview for the weekend... These are going to be the main bypass routes people will take...

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