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much music awards after party


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anyone else go? went to the brant house one and court house one, defected at work today. when they serve till 4 things get messy.
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Originally posted by s1k
anyone else go?

I was at the Courthouse one... was pretty good. Always fun to schmooze, and I got free jeans! Thanks to the rock/techno lable owner friend I have... [ who is probably on this board reading!]


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Didn't bother getting free lee jeans but made sure i picked up the free beauty products courtesy of charles worthington.

Met arcade fire, billy talent, howie b from the back street boys and others.

Fun times but not much of a dancing croud as most were just standing in the middle looking super stylish.


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i meant to write did anyone go to the brant house one...not i went, i hear they had black eyed peas live.