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MSTRKRFT played Lee's palace last night as part of the Canadian Music Week. They came on pretty much on time at 1am. The place was pretty packed. I was surprised to see quite a diverse crowd there, not just drunken indie kids. Their set was pretty danceable, pretty housey IMHO. A bit of electro, a bit of techno, no punky tracks, a Metric remix etc.. Not sure how many of the tracks they played are originals , some of them sounded pretty much like Daft Punk. The dance floor was packed but the sound at Lee's was not the best. Had a good time though!
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How do you pronounce MSTRKRFT? I noticed they are on the cover of Now. Is one of the guys from DFA 1979?


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glad to hear this show went well! Jesse Keeler /JFK is from Death from Above 1979 the band. Al-P is a producer who worked with lots of artists. Together they are mstrkrft - pronounced just as sweetdreams guessed.
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Pulse: My Week in the Clubs


By Jez Boiles

Managed to slime our way into Lees Palace last Saturday for the big MSTRKRFT show. The duo of Al-P and mustachioed DFA 1979 dude Jesse Keeler have been making quite a name for themselves in the Urban Outfitters Underground recently with some choice remixes, so it wasn't surprising to see the place packed and a long line up outside.

While Lees is a good spot for live shows, the specter of two rock dudes standing on stage spinning MP3s out of a laptop didn't really jive in the venue.

While the pair's mixing was pretty good -- especially given their dilettante status mere months ago -- we could tell that Lee's sound system really isn't built for dance music. The low ends were pretty messy for most of the set, and the high ends were drowned out by some strong 199 frequencies.

Next time Lees plays host to DJS, the venue should think about bringing in some extra bins and maybe a few tweeters.

After that, we stopped by Neutron Dance at 99 Sudbury for some big room jazz techno. It's good to see promoters taking a chance on this little-known genre again, but with the closure of so many clubs, there seems to be more room for niche nights.

The night was the official closure of 99 Sudbury, which is being turned into a gay bathouse, so most of the old-school heads were living it up.

Let's hope that when 99 reopens, the bathrooms will be much better, because the low ends were really sloppy in there.