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MSN & mystery randoms adding you


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Last night, on my desktop computer at home, my girlfriend had 2 random people add her to her MSN.

The one actually came back and said they added her by mistake, but then later started sending nudges and other random messages like "r u there?"

The other random hasn't said anything yet.

This has me slightly concerned since MSN allows someone to send a message that doesn't get blocked by the firewall on my router, correct?

Does this offer anyone a back-door into the computer?

Am I just being paranoid or is my wearing of my tinfoil hat justified in this case?

This hasn't happenned to my laptop.




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they added her?
wouldn't she have to add them?
there is a box in options you check so that she has to approve of additions.
I think she's just sick of you and looking over the fence.


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lol maybe!!!

The randoms sent the little memo that "random person wants to add you to their msn list, is this ok?" and she selected the let them view her, but did not add them to her list.

She did this just to see who it might be, because she didn't recognize the user name.

Once, I can understand, but twice within the span of about 2 hours has me a little suspicious
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There isn't anything backdoor that they could use againest you. SO long as you don't accept any files from them.

As for the random adding, it could be past contacts that might have been deleted and jus resurfacing again. I know that MSN keeps all the contacts, even if you've only e-mailed them once they will keep the contacts in www.hotmail.com

Boss Hog

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this girl put me on her list last week and I was like wtf who is this so decided to add anyway and it turned out it was this really hot 19 year old from Dublin and she had the wrong guy but she was kinda hot so I let her stay although she doesn't talk to me anymore I thought well it can't hurt to wait it out.



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Yeah I always add them so that I can find out who they are.

But then lately I've been getting crazy DJs from Paraguay trying to get themselves booked in Toronto.


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it's all about money. you have it, they want it.

you can pretty much boil down anything quirky on the internet this way.
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