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MSN Messenger help


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A little help from those who can....

I was using Messenger 6.0 quite happily, and it told me to go ahead and upgrade to v.6.1. Yikes.
Now I can't get logged in for more than 4 seconds without getting logged out. I uninstalled it, and the best version I can find now is Windows Messenger version 4.7. Yikes.
I've done a search for messenger 6.0 to download, but it appears it's vanished from existence on the interweb.....so I'm wondering if anyone has the .exe version of 6.0 stored on their computer for some reason and wants to share with me, or can offer any other ideas on how to get back to version 6.0

Mucho thanks :)


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i had the same problem yesterday. i logged in and out like 30 times in one minute..

so i uninstalled it. went to the msn site and downloaded/reinstalled it. then rebooted and it worked..
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there are a couple of people on my list right now who keep disappearing and then appearing again.

i wonder if this has happened to them.

regardless, i still want to kill them.