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mr scruff at Wrongbar


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Just this guy, playing records, for 4 hours - so GOOD!!

He meandered all over the place, had fun, came and danced on the floor, and dropped some utterly killer tunes.

I loved it when he said "this is a dance party, not a party for taking pictures with your friends".

And the vast majority of those there just got down, boogied, and had a blast. I hated having to leave before the end due to an early start today; I wanted to stay until the lights came up.

Wobble your legs!

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I wasn't happy about that, but then realized mid-way through the evening that this means that those who show up to see him are truly committed to seeing him and being at HIS party, not just at whatever happens to be available on Friday or Saturday.

And I do think it made a difference to the vibe. I can't remember the last time I was out mid-week, but this was totally worth it.


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I rarely go out during the week now due to work commitments, but this was worth it and I'm surprisingly functional at work today :)

We caught about three hours of his set and it was perfectly eclectic. I cut a good few rugs and enjoyed the crowd's vibe.