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Mr. PM WTF Are You Wearing?


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Lol funny article in the Globe:

Stephen darling, can we talk?

What I and everybody else back in Canada really need know right now is what the heck are you wearing?

Don't give me that "who me?" look. It might work on Laureen, but it won't work on a style columnist. I know you got into Cancun late Wednesday night. I know you haven't had time to shop since Afghanistan.You're Prime Minister now -- it's time to dress that way.

I don't mean to be cranky, but you're testing my sartorial patience. First there was the hair issue (ongoing), then the series of mock turtlenecks that made you look like an assistant golf pro at Club Link, then the Lone Ranger getup at the Stampede, and now this! Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, you show up for an official visit wearing a fishing vest and clashing bottoms.

Look around, Stephen. It's Cancun. Not a war zone. Not a campaign barbeque in Moose Jaw. Everyone else is in pressed linen and khakis and there you are, looking one bucket-hat away from being the next Canadian Tire Guy.

Don't you have advisers for this kind of thing? Press secretaries? Image consultants? A personal shopper? A mirror? I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of showing your recent photo to a few experts in the field.

The first was Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla, a politician known for her elegance and style. Admittedly she's a member of the opposition, but partisanship aside, the news wasn't good. "It looks as if Harper has forgotten that he's in Mexico this week and not Kandahar," she quipped, adding the recommendation that perhaps the PM "should have done a stopover at Toronto Fashion Week."

Looking at the photos, Ceri Marsh, editor-in-chief of Fashion magazine in Toronto, sighed deeply into the phone.

"Oh, this is bad. This is terrible. Fox looks great. Bush is fine. But Harper is a total embarrassment. He looks like their assistant. Could he not do his zipper up? It looks like his belly is too big. And I believe those appear to be pleated brown trousers. No one has worn those in 10 years.

"And what is with that vest? Is it supposed to be camouflage? Maybe he thinks if they don't see him they won't take him to task on softwood lumber."

She paused for a moment. "Oh wait, he's supposed to take them to task on softwood lumber."

If you were hoping a red-blooded male might be more sympathetic, I'm afraid you're out of luck. After catching sight your outfit, Jeff Farbstein, vice-president of Harry Rosen, all but howled in disgust.

"He's wearing a utility vest!" he lamented.

Asked for some professional fashion advice, Mr. Farbstein barely knew where to begin.

"He's not the best-dressed guy to begin with, but this is obviously an important international event. One of his consultants should have told him what to wear, and how. If he were wearing a beige cotton suit with no tie and a crisp linen shirt, that would have been the way to go.

"But even if he'd just gotten off the plane -- at least throw a blue blazer over it."
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He looks like a loser. Plain and simple. He looks like he knows that he looks like Bush and Fox can't taken him seriously.

Actually I really like what Bush is wearing.

And more importantly, Bush and Fox are dressed in the exact same style--this shows raport. It shows that Bush knows how to dress like a Latin American powerful politician--i.e. like a Latino drugs kingpin...or pimp. Bush looks good there.


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Fox takes the cake though.

Both Bush and Harper are slouching, Fox has some good poise.

All of them are showing guts though. Not one six pack among them.
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I wondered about the fishing vest... perhaps he was going trout fishing afterwards...


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alexd said:
I wondered about the fishing vest... perhaps he was going trout fishing afterwards...
Nah with Harper it musta been cod and a bit of Seal Hunt Lodge time with da boys

Or just maybe he is afraid of being an Emperor with new clothes ;)