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Mr Kaizen - Hammock Audio Bulletin 00D: Moai Tuxedo. - Lounge, Chillout, Ethno


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Tuxedos for a gigantic stone statues are notoriously hard to obtain, therefore in this chapter we have been sourcing materials from a variety of tailors and suppliers in a quest for a "de facto" standard in moai tuxedos. Real glue on moustaches for this excursion were provided by "Easter Island Moai Moustache Conservation Authority" (EIMMCA).

Tailors & Materials Used:
Woo - Swingtime
Steaua de mare - valuri
Ha Za Vu Zu - Nordpotalak
Jun Miyake - Lillies of the Valley
Dollar Mambo - Musette
Michel Magne - Fantasme D'Emmanuelle
Take A Trip Pussycat - The Cow
Miram Garcia & Alicia Solans - Pintar El Sol (Chancyha Via Circuito Remix)
Piero Piccioni - Blue Rhythm Festival
Siper Volta - La Guitare De Tinga
Gordon Staples - Strung Out
**y Budd - Black is Beautiful
Seahawks - Aquadisco Side B
Amon düül ii - A Morning Excuse
**e Meek - March of Dribcoats
Madman Jones - Snake Charmer
Rodney & The Blazers ‎– Oriental Nightmare

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