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Mr Kaizen - HAB_00F:Summer Scrolls Of Time-Lagged Forest Invader[Triphop,Breaks,Chillout] Vinyl Mix


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00F- Summer Scrolls of the Time-Lagged Forest Invader

Upon coming back from unsuccessful forest expedition to eradicate a new thought form the soldier of the year 137258 realized he has experienced a time-lag. The kicker was that being that was being hunted was not affixed to any point of time and it existed simultaneously anytime but only was seen if you were of any particular need to it. He was the only one from that expedition who saw it but couldnt do anything to harm it. Upon coming back he only had one thought : "Future has been never for quite some time until now."

And there were multiple scrolls that were whirling in his head as a vague images and they only were showing pieces:

Shin Jung Hyun And The Men - Twilight
DAAT - Fridge
Loops Haunt - IIVA
Francis Bebey - Catching Up
Deckard - Defunked
Young American Primitive - Sunrise
Okay Temiz - Dokuz Seki
Oren Ambarchi & Robin Fox - Standing Mandala
Wareika Hill Sounds - Universe in Crisis
Eardrum - Swamp Doctor
Steaua De Mare - Studiu Manea
Aux 88 - Phantom Power
Blackpocket - After Beris
Obalski - Lobos Point
Yann Tiersen - Vanishing Point (Instrumental)
Phuture-T - Ella in Dub
Keadz - Atom
Gone Beyond - After the Storm

He couldn't understand what it meant yet but he knew that piece by piece it will come to him. technics1200technics1200
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