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mP3 mixing programs?


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Hey there kids,

I'm heading out to Australia for six or seven months.... and as a result I'm going to be leaving my decks behind (*sniff :( ). But I'd like to keep my practicing attempts up... but in Oz I won't have a stereo or anything of the like, so it'd be nice if I could learn on mp3 mixing programs rather than renting decks, a sound system, etc.

Any suggestions?

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Get 2 soundcards and use PCDJ Red, its my fav out of all the mixing programs I've ever used.

Will you at least have a mixer? Cause if not its really not worth your effort.


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Originally posted by deep
traktor or mixmeister pro

I havent tried mixmeister pro, but I've found traktor to be a pain in the ass.. The pitch fader isnt incremental, as it only moves in like .5 increments was it? I also found their cueing system to be really counter-intuitive. But maybe I just never spent enough time on it.

I never figured out how to let traktor use seperate soundcards for each virtual deck, it would only let me run 1 soundcard with 2 outs.

As for mix meister pro, I've never heard of it, but I think I'll go check it out now, Im always looking around for new mixing programs to fiddle with.