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MP3 Mixing Program, for the light @Home DJ'er

Aerius Zension

TRIBE Member
Does anyone have any recommendations for a program to use. Pretty much, my objective is to transfer MP3'S into WAV/CD format, but I wish to mix the files together, according to BPM's, volume levels, etc. I've used Windows Media Player, WinAmp, currently iTunes for PC. It plays this way, but does not record in the same manner.

Any programs that you'd recommend? I'd go as far as purchasing the software, if need be.

Me=appreciative. :D


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I've also seen this one called BPM Studio, but i don't recall who it is by. It has the Tascam interface.

Cheap Ego

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If you're more inclined to working things out piece by piece, rather than doing everything 'live', then Mixmeister is an older peice of software you may find useful. It's very easy to learn..The only shortfall is that the pitch control is not very precise, but there are ways to get around that..
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Do you want to make mp3 mixes? And record them?

I used to use VTT and SoundForge to record sets when I was 1200less and had my vinyl on mp3.


Dr Funk MD

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I've used PCDJ. It also has problems with pitch control, especially when you use it with windows 2000 or xp. The pitch and the BPM counter work almost perfectly in 95 or 98 though. I haven't been able to figure out why though.

The bonus part is they have a freeware version you can download.


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i used mix meister pro 4 to create a more downbeat / cheesy style mix

but you can use it to beatmatch as well, as others on this board have


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PCDJ Red is my favorite by far.

I find Traktors pitch control to be very clunky, its definatly not as precise, which is a shame, cause the program itself kicks ass.

But for bare bones, PCDJ all the way, If you wanna fuck around with loops and filters at the sacrifice of precision on the pitch control, play with traktor, its really fun.
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