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mp3 encodes


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i think there was a thread a while back about free mp3 encodes, but a search did'nt turn anything up:confused:

I *really* need a fast, free program to encode MP3s...even if it is limited to 25 or something.

can anyone offer any suggestions?

all i really need to do is turn .wav to MP3
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use the lame codec with razorlame

use the alt-preset encoding standards

tutorials or posts on the subject here are easy to find
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sound forge can do it, and you can get it off kazaa.

Limited number, but you just re-install. Around 25 or so I believe.

cheers Marty


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Originally posted by caz
thnx everyone....:)

No, thanks for letting us test out the software.

I mean, the one that's being tested out using this bored. Is it getting better at homonyms or whatever the hell those microsoft sucks really badly linux is the best?
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