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mp3 downloads from and online electronic record store...


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I recently received and email from Mix5.com a Canadian based (I think...:confused: ) online record store about their new feature: mp3 downloads for less than a dollar (USD).

From the email:
Mix5.com is launching a new Digital Download service, allowing you to download MP3's for $0.99 USD. These high quality 320 kbps MP3's are suitable for playing with Final Scratch, Pioneer CDJ-100/500/800/1000's, Numark CD Players, or the upcoming Technics SL-DZ1200 CD Turntable.

We have signed a number of licensing deals leading up to this launch and we are proud to bring you over 300 tracks listed below from such labels as Smitten, Nu Energy and Dynamix. We also have a few exclusives, not available on vinyl, from the Lou Cypher Project, Chris Camok and The Fix available for download.

Stay tuned and check back often as we will adding many more labels and exclusive
tracks in the next few months. Labels interested in having their new releases or
back catalog available at Mix5.com should contact licensing@mix5.com.

Being an FS user myself, this is something I would be very interested in for a number of reasons. I would love to support the artists (as I try to do 99% of the time) whose music I love to hear and play. However, I have a growing number of records with only one or two tracks that I would ever even consider playing, or listening to (and some I must have been severely intoxicated while purchasing and will, thus, never play). I would gladly pay $1.50 to simply hear a full song of such quality so I could play it loud and make my decision on whether it's a keeper or not, which they usually will be since hard drives don't take up much space. The only problem with the Mix5.com site is the type of music they are selling (it doesn't exactly fall within my preferred sounds.
So, what do you all think of this service? Would you use it if they sold tracks by artists and labels that were up your alley? Do you think other online record stores will go through the hassle of licensing and follow suit?

Disclaimer: this post is to be omitted from any investigations by the grammar or spelling police.

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Sounds like a great service... I was actually thinking of trying to put something like this together for the more minimally oriented community, but

A) My capital is dwindling due to my severe electronics habit.
B) My time is precious cuz I need to play with all my toys.
C) I'd have to talk to people, which again precludes playing with all my toys.