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mp3.com assets being auctioned off


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this is good for a laugh.

another great example of silicon valley stupidity when it came to senseless expenditures, especially in the context of questionable business models

among the items on the chopping block :

- a yellow hummer
- piles and piles of herman miller aerons
- harley davidson fat boy bike
- lots of other yuppie junk that people shouldn't have been bought until they started turning a fucking profit

pics here :


if anyone is in the san diego area, you could probably pick up some good deals
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Cannabis Seed Wedding Bands


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Complete 10,000 sq ft health club Game Room including Pool Table, Foosball, Video Arcade Games, Ping Pong, Etc. Artwork, Collectable Musical instruments, Contemporary Furniture.

also explains another reason why they maybe they went under...

Ditto Much

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doesn't look that bad...