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Moving to Whistler


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A long lost hello to the Vancouver Room.

It appears that I am moving from Victoria to Whistler due to my job.

So I'm looking for your experiences living/working /playing in whistler.
I know the villiage and most of the basics but need would love to know more about decent areas to live in whistler, the good/bad side of working there, how to save $ living in a resort town. etc.

any help is appreciated



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i guess it depends on how well paid you are. everyone i know that 'works' in whistler do not live there. hell, people that work in pemberton for the ministry can't affor to live there (in pemberton). my guess is that squamish is the most affordible scenario. thats where a bunch of my friends live and commute to whistler.


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everyone I know who has 'lived' in whistler had only done it seasonally and ended up leaving with less money than they arrived with (and they were living in the cheapo staff housing too). squamish is really on the up and up right now, for better or worse.


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I'll be making pretty decent money there.
Part of my position is that I have to live in whistler to have a presence/ schmooze with clients etc. I have my accom paid for by the company for the first 6 months. but after that I'm going to need a place for my g/f and I to be able to live.
I'd like to be able to live in creekside so that I can be removed from the main village but still only a few minutes drive away.

Also if anyone knows of people moving to victoria that are in need of a place to rent let me know .