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Moving to Halifax


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I'm planning on moving to Halifax (or surrounding area) at the end of this year.
I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions or recommendations on living, working, and general everyday life out there.

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I have some good friends in Halifax. If you have any specific questions, I will ask them for you. Seems like a pretty amazing place to live!
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The Peej

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If your going to be there for any amount of time, I highly suggest you take a trip to the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, and drive through N.B. to PEI. If you've got some more time, take the boat from the eastern most tip of PEI out to the Magdelaine Islands.

Beeeeeeaaaautiful. In the summer of course. I recommend staying in your house from December until March.


Eat lots of Donairs, it will help you put on some winter insulation.


Sonny D

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There are a lot of call centers in Halifax. Good way to get a job quick when you arrive. Research In Motion (Blackberry) has a particularly good call center. Lots of banks have call centers too. Dartmouth and Clayton Park are cheaper to live in. The North End is less expensive too but you won't feel as safe. I would recommend Fairview/Clayton Park area. Lots of shopping and buses in that area.

Check out Eastcoastgroove.ca. There is lots of Halifax info on there.

Good luck.


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+1 on the Donairs. eat lots of them!

I lived in the North end of Halifax a few years back. It is rough, but if you can handle Parkdale, you'll be ok.


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I miss donairs....nothing like it here in TO.. even was so desperate as to go online and try to make my own donair sauce. wasn't even close.

the first thing i do when i land on the east coast is go get to a pizza delight...and eat an extra large! mmmmmmm
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