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Moving Sale:


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I've got a ton of stuff that has been how you say abandoned and left for me to deal with. I despise tossing stuff in the landfill, even that old Sofa that's on it's last leg.

So here it goes.

1. Lg. Cherry Laminate TV Cabinet - Includes Front Glass Shelving Unit for Stereo/Cable Box/VCR/DVD Player, Side swing door for Movie/DVD or CD Storage - Purchased 1 yr ago for over $300, asking $150.
it's similar to this.... without the rustic look. It's more traditional if anything and mroe red

2. Dresser - one of those short long ones. Three small drawers on either end, 3 larger drawers in the center. It has been painted an off white, so if you like projects this would be perfect. There is also a Mirror and Headboard that are painted the same color. I'll take anyones offer.

3. Paperback Novels - Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii, some stupid Romance Novels too.

4. Grey Chair - Fabric on one corner is shredded. Otherwise, very comfortable.

5. Queen Size Bed - Firm, very firm. (comes with legs)

6. Sofa - seriously this thing is free <---- the one on it's last leg.

7. Carpets, Carpets, Carpets. The Area Kind. 6' x 9', and matching 3' x 5' as well. Colour: Pale Sage, Purple, Cream, Black w/Flowers,

God, there's more I just can't think of it all.

There's only one problem, I live in Missisauga and you would have to arrange to see them and pick them up.

Also, I have a crapload of clothes that I'm embarrased to say I own but really really really want them to go to people who need them. I know of Salvation Army, GoodWill and Diabetes Assoc. but I'm a little skeptical since some of this stuff isn't fabulous and I don't want it to be tossed becuase someone deems it "not good enough". It's not garbage, it's just ugly and I really want someone to have it who really needs it.

updates to come early next week after this weekends big sort.


PM me if interested.
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In regards to your clothes, a women's shelter? They often only have the clothes on their backs and donation are aways appreciated.


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Originally posted by pr0nstar
Any pics of the Area Rugs?


picture a rug........in those colours. 6' x 9' with a matching 3' x 5'

in purple, light sage and cream

I think the black one is taken.

edit: the cream one is 9' x 12'


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Originally posted by jellibeen
In regards to your clothes, a women's shelter? They often only have the clothes on their backs and donation are aways appreciated.

cool thx.

I really hate teefin shit
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Sunshyne Jones

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There's a food bank / shelter on Dundas West called the Fort York Food Bank. They are doing totally great work and a part of their space is set aside for clothes. They are not just a food bank, though their name does not indicate that, so they do not get much in the way of clothing ... I swore the next time I have clothes to donate to bring 'em there, and you can too! :)

707 Dundas St. W, Toronto


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holy crap....... the list is just getting bigger

so I just cleaned out the basement and now I'm looking at....

Pots & Pans - a shit load of them
Baking Dishes
Utensils (various, incl Wilshire Stay sharp w/sharpener)
Toaster Oven

and...... last but not least

1 Inflatable Chair w/"Kahlua" (sp?) plastered on the side :rolleyes:

where the hell does one collect so much shit.

more to come later.

seriously folks I'm thinking of having an open house free for all.

please send me a pm with any questions etc.

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^^^^deal can you come and get it????

it's in good condition, works good. I only ever used it to cook tasty taters.


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also available........

two full sets of dishes (4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 saucers)/each and various pieces of other sets.

have I mentioned I have a fake Christmas tree too that I need to get rid of.

carpets still need a home, I just noticed one of the green ones has a stain, but I have a shampoo'er at home and will try to get it out. .:. it will be cheaper, like $20..... or make me an offer. Also they fit in my trunk with the seat folded down in case anyone is concerned about moving them.

this Sunday everything that has not been claimed is going to Chairty :)
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sorry too late, yesterday was the big clean up.

everything is gone....

bed, dresser, carpets, clothes, candleholders, dishes, pots, even the little toaster oven :(


I have a 6' fake christmas tree left tho ;)