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Moving Sale!!!


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CORRAS - Bedside table - white
retails for $29.99+tax


LACK - Side Table - red
retails for $16.99+tax


IKEA wooden bed frame (double) - its not listed on their website anymore, however its just a plain wooden bedframe, low to the ground, no headboard.

ANEBODA - Dresser
retails for $69.99+tax

top drawer is a bit wonky, needs to be crazy glued.


ANEBODA - Wardrobe
retails for $79.99


PM or email lorimcintosh @ hot mail .com
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the mattress is either black or a really dark navy blue, its hard to tell. Great condition, and its actually a nice looking futon :) basic wooden frame that is completely hidden by the mattress.

ill take some pics and post them soon.
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cool man! although the dresser is already spoken for..

ok.. so the dresser, recliner and bedside table are no longer available.

still left:

side table, bed frame, wardrobe and futon
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