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Moving Sale


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Moving May 1st and need to get rid of some stuff. Nothing in the list is new, but everything is in good condition.

Sony Stereo LBT-D259
5 cd changer, 2 tape decks (!), two speakers, etc.
This was a few years old when I bought it, so it's definitely at least 6 or 7 years old now.

Samsung DVD Player M201
Probably about 4 years old.

Ikea Aneboda 3 drawer dresser

Ikea Mysinge Loveseat
This one is a slightly older model so it doesn't look exactly like the picture. Blue fabric. Washable.
Dimensions: 6'5"/3'

All prices are negotiable. Must be able to pick up the items (I'm in the Leslieville area) before end of April.
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