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Just saw Barbie.

Gotta say, the dudes that are getting bent out of shape over this film are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more delicate than what they've conveyed over social media. They don't have fragile masculinity - it's wet toilet paper delicate.

You have to be UNBELIEVABLY insecure to feel threatened by the movie.
And stupid. So unbelievably stupid to feel offended or upset over it.
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The Killer...looks....killer.
Music by Trent Reznor.
Actually, the soundtrack is also almost exclusively songs by The Smiths.

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The Creator is something any fan of Blade Runner will likely enjoy if not adore. Gareth Edwards, who did Rogue One - one of my favourite Star Wars movies in the last decade, is a really exciting talent to see emerge after his debut with Monsters, and moving on to Godzilla afterwards. The fact that he pulled his movie off with a budget of about 80 million is pretty incredible - it's a movie that does the same kind of spectacular world building that merits the comparison to Blade Runner, one of it's many inspirations. Story and plot are a bit rote and the characters are a bit thin in motivation, but I was dazzled by how gorgeous the movie looks.

It's crazy that they didn't do more to market this movie.



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What is a movie prop that was used in multiple films in an innovative way?
The final moments of David Fincher’s Se7en are home to one of the most depraved twists in all of cinema.

The coming together of deranged serial killer John Doe’s masterplan, culminating in ‘envy’ and ‘wrath,’ sent a chill down the spines of millions.

For the purposes of this answer, let’s focus on ‘envy.’

Envious of the life Mills (Brad Pitt) shared with Tracy (Gwyneth Paltrow), Doe murders the latter and has her decapitated head delivered to Mills as a token.

Now, initially, Paltrow’s head was meant to be shown on screen. Therefore, a replica of her severed head was made.

However, Pitt was adamant that Tracy’s head should remain off-camera, allowing audiences to picture the gruesome sight in their heads.

So, the replica of Paltrow’s head was lost to time, shoveled off to some warehouse. And that is where it stayed until Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion found a use for it.

Paltrow’s character is one of the first victims of the deadly virus around which the movie is based.

Her character dies quite early into proceedings, and we’re shown a rather gnarly autopsy sequence featuring, no prizes for guessing – the replica of Gwyneth Paltrow’s head, initially created for Se7en.

What a journey for Paltrow’s severed head. Made for Se7en and then discarded without use, it waited for 15 years to traumatize all who would lay their eyes upon it.

After 15 long years of waiting, we finally got to see “What’s in the box.”

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