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Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by terrawrist III, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. Bernnie Federko

    Bernnie Federko TRIBE Member

  2. Midsommar doesn't live up to the sheer "what the fuck?"-ness of Hereditary, but it's far more densely layered and ambitious. Still a very well made, well directed movie.

    Don't go in expecting a rehash of The Wicker Man - this is more about toxic relationships, breaking up and co-dependency. There's a lot more going on underneath with the symbolism and juxtaposition of images that needs your attention in order to decipher.

    That being said, they could have lopped off a half hour to make this a lot more leaner. It didn't need to be nearly 2.5 hours.
  3. DJ elektron-

    DJ elektron- TRIBE Member

    Pan’s Labyrinth a film review

    This film is a dark fantasy drama written and directed by Guillermo del Toro and was produced in 2006. It centres around the life of a young girl whose mother becomes a wife of a formidable figure in the community, the Captain. The storyline revolves around the theme of civil war, as the young girl Ofelia must seek out the meaning of this enchanted world she stumbles by unlocking a gate in the forest with a stone charm. The special effects used to produce the characters and effects were done by make-up, animatronics, and CGI.

    In the fairy world, Ofelia is the reincarnation of Princess Moanna whose father was King of the Underworld. The labyrinth was build to act as a portal to the fairy world. The main theme for Ofelia, is to deal with both dilemma and avarice of the human world, while seeking out a deeper truth in the fairy world.Various side-themes in this movie include loyalty, betrayal, integrity in leadership, political stripes and folk lore & medicine. It ends tragically by Ofelia dying but she chose not to spill her brother’s blood, which unlocks her destiny as a Princess in the underworld. This movie is very good and great fun to watch.

    The Book of Kells a film review

    This animation tells the story of a book from legendary times on Iona Island. The original Book of Iona was fabled to be a masterpiece that shone wisdom onto the reader. The story features a young boy Aidan who aims to please the townsfolk including the church Abbot. One day a visitor comes to town, with the legendary Book of Iona. The Abbot is very much preoccupied in protecting the town by building a wall to keep out marauding hoardes. Aidan is tasked to seek out stinky green berries in the forest to make ink, he does this and finds a fairy in the forest named Aisling who guides him through further mystery and intrigue. The story ends with Aidan growing up and returning to the church where the Abbot expresses his fatigue. Aidan gives him the Book of Kells. This film is both a delight and a pleasure to watch.

    Kedi a film review

    This film is about the culture of domesticated urban cats in Istanbul, Turkey. It was produced in 2016 in a documentary style by Ceyda Torun. Time magazine chose it as one of its top ten films of 2017. Seven of the cats of Istanbul are featured in this film with each having names and a distinct character that is portrayed through the filming technique. This film required special equipment to film the cats as well as permissions to enter public and private property. There is an adoration of the feline in this port city that goes beyond the material. A kind of deep kindred understanding with the cats' connection to Earth and the Universe.

    Museum a film review

    This film is about the Art Museum in Jerusalem, Israel. It is a poignant reminder and uplifting conveyance of the arts. A big factor of the arts in relation to Israeli culture is the perseverance and tenacity through persecution and adversity. This film tries to show an uplifting and humanistic approach to appreciating the arts from an Israeli and also a Jewish context. Although not a place of worship, it is a gathering place for the public and VIPs to hold events. One point a critic of the film made was that it doesn’t wade into controversy at all. Although it does test the waters a little bit, by showing children doing art and developing a combined Palestinian-Israel flag, and showing Palestinians discussing the work of Edward Said, the famed photographer that sought to document the life of early America particularly the First Nations people.

    Nakom a film review

    This film is about a family living in a small village in Ghana, Africa. The main character is Iddrisu who is studying medicine. One day, he receives a call that his father has passed away. He must return to the village the next day. The quaint village is both a source of joy and frustration for him. He is seen as a hope for the village, and he is a good farmer too. There is a realistic sense of being there immersed in the culture in this film. It was directed by Kelly Norris and TW Pittman. The gentle spirit and brave attitude Iddrisu has when he decides to leave the village at the end of the movie to return to his studies indicates his ambition to widen his circle of care to even more people. I recommend this movie highly.
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  4. rave jedi

    rave jedi TRIBE Member

    Saw THE CURE's 40th anniversary movie and thought it was the best "live concert film" I've ever seen in my life. Very few screenings on the big screen, so see it while you can at the theatres.


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