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Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by terrawrist III, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. wickedken

    wickedken TRIBE Member

    Green Book. It's good, but I can't help but compare it to Driving Miss Daisy. Doesn't get too deep, touches on specific messages, unwinds like a Disney flick.
  2. ndrwrld

    ndrwrld TRIBE Member

    It is official, Idris Elba will be next James Bond.
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  3. DJ elektron-

    DJ elektron- TRIBE Member

    The Dance of Reality a film review

    This film was produced in 2013 and is a Chilean-French autobiographical musical drama. It was written, produced, and directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky. It features a family of 3 with a charismatic father, a passionate and devoted mother that sings her lines and an eccentric, effeminate son. The cover of the movie features a character in the movie that is homeless, and very much interested in Eastern Philosophy like Chakras, and the Pursuit of Enlightenment. There is a constant commentary on the political idealogical struggle that takes place in many South American countries, where solidarity butts up against private and state interests. His father by being very disciplined tries to instill in his son, a respect for perserverance and patience. An example of this is when the father takes his son to the dentist to get an operation without anesthetic. There is much controversy that swirls around the father. To me this movie is a statement on the struggles many countries have when negotiating the Left and the Right, especially when it comes to a place like Tocopilla, Chile where tumultous times have been a part of everyday life. Classism is something that really is difficult to remedy without causing unwanted social distortion.

    The Face of Love a film review

    This drama is set on the West Coast of the USA. It was directed by Arie Posin and co-written by Matthew McDuffie. The story is about a widow who loses her partner in a drowning accident in Mexico. After visiting an art gallery she is stunned by a man that resembles her former partner. Interesting, Robin Williams plays the role of her neighbor who is interested in her as well. She develops a relationship with this new man and she becomes infatuated with him. Her daughter shows up and they get into an argument because of the strange nature of the situation. Then they part ways, and she receives a post card in the mail about an art show. Curious she is painted with a wall of green grass by her partner, that was the most striking part of the movie for me. It was a very well done movie, but the “happily ever after” just wasn’t there.
  4. ScottBentley

    ScottBentley TRIBE Member

  5. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member


    I was so desperate for some new sci-Fi that I watched Prospect, and it is actually really good. Sofie Thatcher, woman who stars in it, will be huge one day I bet. Anyway, the plot forces you to think more seriously about what it would be like to wear a spacesuit 24/7 in order to survive. A simple, gritty film that's worth watching.
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  6. DJ elektron-

    DJ elektron- TRIBE Member

    Hotel Rwanda a film review

    This film tells the story of Paul Rusesabagina,who operates a hotel, and his family. It is set in spring of 1994 at the Hoteles Mille Collines. Paul, who is played by Don Cheadle, becomes a hero after violence and political turmoil unfold in his country by taking in people to the hotel to care for after much tumult while mayhem ensues in the surrounding communities until they make a daring escape with UN aid. The film’s premiere was December 22, 2004. It grossed around $34 million in revenue.

    The Soloist a film review

    This story is about 2 men that develop a relationship by the power of music. It is set in LA and the main characters are Ayers, played by Jamie Foxx, and Lopez, who is played by Robert Downey Jr.. Lopez encounters Ayers playing music one day after a biking accident lands him in the hospital. Lopez learns that Ayers attended a prestigious school for music but dropped out before graduating. Lopez wants to write a story about him and learns that he suffered from mental health issues. Still suffering symptoms Lopez tries to help by bringing his sister for a visit. This does some good. Someone was so moved by the newspaper article that Lopez wrote about Ayers that they sent a cello to him. The story ends by Ayers recognizing Lopez’s help and Lopez thanking Ayers for inspiring him to learn to play the guitar.

    The Red Violin a film review

    This Canadian film is a masterpiece of cinema. It features a very rare red violin that travels around the world over different time periods. It won an Academy Award for Best Original Score. It stars Samuel L. Jackson, Carlos Cecchi, and Sylvia Chang. The film was directed by Francois Gerard. The future of the violin was foretold by a tarot card reading after it was produced. The maker of the violin was distraught because his pregnant wife died suddenly and in my opinion embued the violin with a sentimental quality. The violin travels to Italy, France, Austria, England, China and finally Montreal Canada. The Red Violin grossed $3+ million in Canada and $10 million in the US. The interesting aspect of this film is that the main character in this film is not a person but an object which the story is told in a time period montage.
  7. DJ elektron-

    DJ elektron- TRIBE Member

    Snow Piercer a film review

    This sci-fi masterpiece is a must-watch. It was produced in 2013 based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand, and Jean-Marc Rochette. It was directed by Bong Joon-ho. The story takes place on a train carrying the last remnants of humanity after an attempt at geoengineering to stop global warming failed. The main characters are leading a revolution against the elite who occupy the front of the train. Filming for the movie was done in Prague. It was the most expensive Korean movie production ever at $40 million. The story develops to where Yona and Timmy escape the train and discover life existing in the wild again.
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  8. ndrwrld

    ndrwrld TRIBE Member

  9. rave jedi

    rave jedi TRIBE Member

    The teaser trailer and title just dropped yesterday. Only 8 months away! LOL

  10. ndrwrld

    ndrwrld TRIBE Member

  11. wickedken

    wickedken TRIBE Member

    The production for the close-up dialogue scenes underwater sinks the movie. The layers with the live actors are obviously there, as is the background and composited elements. There's inconsistent treatment with the flowing hair in water - something the hair is animated to float around like you'd see underwater, but other times it's just plain and tied up. I also get this feeling, but not certain, that the Spanish town Aquaman and hero girl are in, was in Uncharted 4. Maybe they also shamelessly stole the level design!

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