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Movies to watch out for


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geezis..i was checking out some shit on the net..chew on this...
batman is making a comback..they are working on getting brad pitt to play bruce wayne in Batman- year one- its before he becomes batman..interesting...
dr. who
battlestar gallactica
duke nukem
A-team hah oh man
alien 5
blair witch 3 2004
batman beyone 2004
back to the future 4
fantasic four
fat albert *yeah!*
THE GOONIES 2 !!!!!!!! yes hahah
the hulk
the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
the matrix (reloaded)
mad max 4
the mask 2
the pee-wee herman story 000h man
pretty woman 2
the birth of the pink panther
red dwarf (looking forward to that one)
rocky 6 nooooooooo
romancing the stone 3
superman - the next movie
shrek 2
the simpsons movie
strasky and hutch hah
3001 a space oddessy
true lies 2
war of the worlds (2005) cool!
wonder woman
x-men 2
x flies 2

i didn't even mention half the shit i found...
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a tron sequel and a blade runner prequel
star trek 10
hmm whatelse..i found alot of shit... just can't think straight at the moment..maybe i should goto bed hah
The only question is how many are actually going to be greenlighted and made. Most of the stuff mentioned on that list is in Developpment, which could take a very long time to get out of, or even never get made at all.

The ones that are going to be made off that list:

Matrix 2 - Reloaded, and Matrix 3 - currently wrapping up shooting, and will start post production soon from what I understand.

Daredevil - Has the guy from Hart's War signed on to play Bullseye, and Ben Affleck to play the title role.

The Hulk - Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) is directing it, and Eric Bana (who was in Chopper and Blackhawk Down) plays both the titular role and Bruce Banner. They made an excellent choice.

True Lies 2 - Schwarzenegger wants James Cameron to direct, Cameron said he'll write it and that's it for now. Might be made in the near future. We'll have to see.

X-Men 2 - They should be shooting I believe late this year. And all the cast were signed to sequels as part of their contracts for the first.

X-Files 2 - not for a while, but it is assured that Mulder and Scully will reunite after the series finale comes up. The end of the show is either going to infuriate the fans, or save the series.

Goonies 2 - It's been greenlighted, but I don't know if Richard Donner (director of the original and the Lethal Weapon series) is going to direct or not.

Simpsons Movie - I heard they're waiting for the show to die. Unsure.

The rest mentioned are still being optioned, discussed and negotiated. Generally, the rule is, don't count on any film being made until they start shooting it. Mask 2 was originally supposed to be out in Xmas 1997. We were supposed to see Planet of the Apes with Arnold back in 1996 summer. There are still sets in Spain that were going to be used for an Arnold Schwarzenegger film called Crusade that are still kicking around (this was before Carloco pictures got split up by internal squabbling). Also, be reminded that it took Spider Man over a decade to get onto the big screen because of legal tie ups and wrangling.

From the Ministry of not trying to rain on your parade, just adding my info to it.

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Duke Nukem is still in court as for the rights, according to Premiere magazine, but an article on video games being transferred to film mentionned that it is one of the current hot properties on the lists on many a producer in order to get it made, thanks to the success of Tomb Raider this past summer.

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I would like to see pretty much all those movies but like highsteppa said... i think they're just ideas at the moment.

Movies I WILL be seeing this summer - sequel wise

1. Star Wars attack of the clones. Preview blew my mind and the review, posted by another member looks sure to delight. I actually liked episode I - the light saber fights were enough for me.

2. blade 2. Purely from an action standpoint. The first sequence of the original got me hooked on the movie. I rented it and within 5 mins decided it was an awesome movie :D

3. Austin Powers 3 - #2 disappointed me, didn't have the wit of the first but I'm still going to watch #3.

4. Matrix 2. If its half as good as the original its worth the watch. Just even to see how the plot develops. One of the select movies that kept me wanting more, more.....more!