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MOVETHEMASSES Radio on 1Groove.com

Sonny D

TRIBE Member
Now playing on 1Groove.com

Sonny D:Boogie Summer.

1. Julien R - Touch Your Love

2. T Luxor – The Music In Me

3. Tonrausch – Operator

4. T Luxor – Get In Da Club

5. High Caliber – Come Together

6. Tonrausch – Love and Hapiness

7. Unknown - Unknown

8. Jerry Ropero & Denis the Menace – Fuck U

9. Richie Heller – Show Me The Way

10. Angel Alanis – Turn It Out

11. T Luxor – Wild Thing

12. CZR and Alex Peace – This is House Music

13. Raoul Zerna – Dejavoodoo

14. Mode Hookers – Breathe

15. Sea Finn – Me Eye

16. Plump DJs – Pressure

17. Drummatic Twins - Twister

18. Atomic Hooligan – Obsessional Rhythm

Sonny D

TRIBE Member
Pride '05. Next Friday at Reflections you can check out me, Sonny D and Jeremy Blackmore. Here's a pride mix on 1Groove.com

1 2 Unlimited Get Ready For This
2 29th Street Be Somebody (Bootleg Remix)
3 Mirabeau Back From Outta Space
4 Pedro Da Silva vs. Madonna Like A Prayer 2005
5 Disposable Disco Dubs Show Me
6 Quiver-Quacko Shake Your Booty Down
7 Oliver Mouldan Gonne Make You Swea
8 Secret Service I'm Comin' Out (2-4 Grooves Mix)
9 Disposable Disco Dubs Boogie Groove
10 Punk Finally
11 Sister Sledge We Are Family
12 10th Avenue I Am Free
13 A/E Project Vol 1 Lost In Bootlegs
14 Boris Dlugosh pres. Booom! Hold Your Head Up High

Sonny D

TRIBE Member
Ooooh.. This is good!

Dylan Leroy (Calgary, Canada, Vinylslut.ca)

1 Sound Navigators I Am Funky (Ben Dean's Jacked Up Mix) 3:00 AM
2 Audio Soul Project Nevicata (Jason Hodges Remix) Jamayaka
3 Joey Youngman Snuffleupagues Fetish
4 Lawchair Generals You Got To Aroma
5 Swag Scat Litter Version Music
6 Jazzy Eyewear Talk About That Odds And Ends
7 Xavier Mathias Midas Touching Casa Del Soul
8 Joey Youngman 45 Funk Freaked
9 4 Lumps Doors Booty CDR
10 Jazzy Eyewear Doin' Wrong Nordic Trax
11 Dirty Sole Cold Time Jazz (Natural Rhythm Dub) Carioca
12 Dylan Leroy Stealin' Tha Floor CDR
13 Mario Fabriani Fender Bender Jackin' Tracks
14 Rithma Funk Is Still Alive (Joey Youngman Remix) OM
15 Night Source Love Searchin' Panhandle
16 Toka Project Say Hi Amenti
17 East Coast Boogiemen Uh Uh Aroma

Sonny D

TRIBE Member

This week: Kristen S drops some breaks for you. Check it out.

1 Chris Carter Botty Funk
2 Blim And Chris Carter Check It Out
3 Plump DJ's The Rub Off
4 Dopamine Zoit
5 Soul Of Man Outback
6 Stanton Warriors Release The Pressure
7 Alex Dolby Psiko Garden (Santos Mix)
8 Sasha Carassi Funkaddelic
9 Splinter Paul Unknown
10 Overseer Doomsday (Hyper Mix)
11 Nitro Nightnology
12 Mousse T Is It Cos I'm Cool (Shakedown Tangerine Mix)
13 Blim Too Bad
14 Golan Blazer Blazer