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Hey Sonny...what is going on in Hali on the weekend of the 20th May?

i'll be in the city at that time.

PS thanks for the evolve info! :)

Sonny D

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May 20th you will find me and Steve the Viking at Club Rain. email me at sonnyd@movethemasses.com and I will put you on the guest list so you can check it out. There's also some David Morales guy at Reflections but he can't hold a candle to yours truly. :rolleyes: Will we see you at Evolve?



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Um...W:eek: W!

email sent..

as for evolve...i'm working on it. there are going to be other trips to Halifax 'cause of my sister's illness.

: )

thank you so much SonnyD!


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Sonny...just about to leave halifax...sorry about missing Rain!

I lovelovelove subrosa/crowd/music/vibe...heard many great things about your style on decks. Sorry that I missed meeting you.


I want to come back for evolve...!

More to you later.