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Awesome weekend! got down there with the WEMF promo crew on Saturday Afternoon.



view from the hotel.

front gates






Superstar Hacky Sack champion Clancy moments after a hat stall that impressed the locals


Main Stage




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Back to work spreading the word!








some of the wildlife in Detroit


Road Trip! 8 mile.



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Its a good thing he put the club on it, otherwise i might be tempted to steal it!



Late night Burger Mission


Im Lovin It!


FlipSide AKA Mic Perri tearin up one of the afterparties






Sunday night main stage


As for the event / music, i only really caught a few sets, all of which I thought were fantastic. Aquaviva, Saunderson all threw down hard on the main stage. POTD was awesome downstairs, but it was way too hot. DSL And AK threw down! Photek apparently killed it too, but I missed most of it.

The Event seemed very well organized and the main lineup moved fairly quickly, considering how many people were there.

Newspaper claimed numbers were up from last year to ~ 50 thousand.

Either way, it was a great weekend!


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Gutted to the max, it sonds as though everyone is having a reet old hoot as well.. Shame i could not make it down,
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went down to check out the deep house acts and didn't leave dissapointed. louie vega, mr. v, blaze (kevin hedge and josh milan - josh is sooooooo damn talented) ripped it up nicely all evening. ahhh.



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where's the soul?

*ahem* just back.

i happily surrender the festival.

having been for the last 6 years for the duration of the weekend...well...let's just say that musically last year was the pinnacle and i'll always have that. i believe that's my last memorial day weekend in the d. you didn't miss anything.

a few highlights i'll share: deadbeat, marc houle, nitzer ebb, tortured soul, and a blistering (literally) set by adam marshall.

an off site highlight: going to hear butane and ryan crosson at a daytime outdoor event behind a closed restaurant during a tigers game...but instead catching troy pierce being fed french fries (hahaha) and a bunch of people "tripping balls."

lowlights omitted, although one irritant you wouldn't have thought would be: there's something to be said about trying to run a festival too cleanly.

the rest you weren't there for and i'm keeping to myself ;)

cheers lots to the company i shared and thanks again.

with that said i look forward to mutek this week.

p.s. u.s. customs put on a discriminant show for us for the hour we were stuck in their tunnel border processing office waiting area. i've never felt so silenced in my life.

my rating: ch33sech33sech33sech33sech33se five out of five cheeses.


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just walked in the door -- tuesday 3:45pm.

i have to smoke lots of weed now.
if i'd known how nice the border guy was going to be... oh well. seriously, Sarnia's the way to go. Heard Mario J didn't make it... :(

like, ya.
I have to call my boss now and um, let her know i'm ok. I called in sick and stranded in Detroit and apparently she's *really* worried.

:puuuuuuuke: ;)

a summary:
Daniel Bell
James Holden (meh)
Troy Pierce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kooky Scientist
Doc Martin
Robert Hood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEE!

Donald Glaude (I'm horny, horny horny horny)
Tortured Soul!!
Pascal Feos!!!!!!!!!!!
Kevin Saunderson!!!!
le petit ORB
Josh Wink (weeeee!)
SPEEDY FUCKIN J!!! & Chris Liebing

Honey Dijon (her after party set was way better)
Louie Vega & Mr.V (way fun)
Greenskeepers (live and in costume...?)
Adam Beyer (briefly, it was too fuckin hot out)
Derrick Carter (now I don't feel I need to see him at TIL in June)
David Duriez (his after party set was WAY better)
RICHIE FUCKIN HAWTIN (I've heard him play better, but still, holy fuck.)

pictures to come. i shot mini-videos of every set, about a minute each. popcorn and stories at my house y'all!!

I can't believe i got to see all these peeps. Surreal and amazing. We left wanting MORE MORE MORE. This weekend was pure AWESOME. ran into TONS of Toronto peeps and everyone was all smiles and ALL looking for weed. Hilarity ensued.

ah Detroit. Totally going back next year.


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^^ nice seeing ALOT of toronto people out. ;)

...just wanted to add it was also a treat to hear a surprise number from malik alston who got up on stage and dropped a little soul as well on the "organic detroit" stage.

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shit...i don't even know where to start! i only got to spend 18 crazy-ass (yet mostly sober) hours in the D, but holy fuck was it good times! have been at a loss over what or when to write, and still mass confusion in my head. Was rollin’ with a great crew, and there were way too many laughs (football in abandoned parking lots, a trip to the abandoned train station, 11 ravers in a mini-van, drinking vodka behind richie's setup at 6am, watching bouncers threaten to cut-off richie’s power, after after party at the works), and sadly, no pictures. Anyway, for starters, hats-off to paxahau. can't believe they pulled that shit off as well is they did in 8 weeks or whatever. things ran like clockwork.. will-call, tix, and schedules ran smooth as any mix. Yeah, its not the same as the days of the free-fest, but those days are pretty much done and done.

pyramid stage was sick. can't beat the open airy waterfront vibe w/ the sun shining and the vodka stoli flowing. dan bell killed it....come to think of it, so did ryan elliott. no wonder the crowd was up-for-it. later i saw dan leave the fest w/ a hot girl...good for him, dude's gotta be like 40!

magda was fun. trademark clippy, bouncy rolly, eletro-inspired stuff. i was crazy into it. best part: an old lady actually got out of her electric wheelchair to dance!!!

(i should be getting some video of most of magda's set in a week or so i will throw it up here.)

after magda was troy pierce. more trademark stuff of his, which is what i wanted to hear. never actually seen him play, and have been liking the trippier ambient-ish tips he goes on.

after troy pierce it was food and shenanigans in greek town. funny to see chris liebing and speedy j taking it all in. funnier just watching the fashion show of cars! actually, other than superbowl, i'm not sure i've ever seen that many people out and about in downtown detroit. pretty cool...

fuck, at work and way too many interuptions.....more later.


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Tuesday afternoon just got back...

a little disspointed this year... still some good highlights.. i will post pics and more after i sleep


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ps - i have a video of an 8 year-old kid pumpin his fists in the air and dancing away to David Duriez. This weekend was FULL of WTFs.


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My dislikes outweigh my likes

dislikes: everything except my likes

likes: the first 5 records josh wink played (the only time I danced the whole weekend)
the whole reason I went: to see Neil Landstrumm play. Been years since his last Toronto appearance so I went down to hear him. That's it, that's all. I heard him. I videotaped his whole hour performance. I spent some time in his room with him interviewing him and harassing him for general techno info. It was VERY nice to get a chance to talk to someone else who enjoys that same music as me. That's incredibly rare (person to person anyway) for me to get that chance.

Neil finished playing at 5pm. I was in my car heading home by 5:17pm.

still drained of all energy from the hours spent in the sun though. Damn.

total video: 2+hours
audio: 45 minutes.



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Does anyone have a site that I can put mpeg vids of this event on?? I just got back and it was my first time to DEMF and holy fuck, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

& David Duriez.... FUCKING INCREDABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! at the after party. That was the Icing on the cake for me that weekend and best set for the whole weekend IMO!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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well... that was a pretty damn good weekend. I didn't really know what to expect at this festival but was more than pleasantly surprised. I ran into tonnes of Toronto people down there and danced my ass off at some of the parties.

my crew and I arrived early Friday evening and had to drive about 15-20 mins outside of Detroit to our place for the weekend. immediately we made a food and booze run followed by bbq, drinks and FIFA. Friday night we took it easy and ended up at some club (I can't recall the name right now) but didn't end up staying too long.

on Saturday we woke up, made a killer breakfast and made our way to the city. Ron Trent was killing it on the main stage when we arrived and some local Detroit artist was doing a pretty sweet live p.a. in one of the side tents. the beer at the festival was expensive ($7 for MOLSON CANADIAN?) I don't drink that bourdis here and didn't want to buy it but I was already grooving from the 6 or 7 Heinekens I had before we left so... c'est la vie.

Sunday was probably the best day. the J Dilla tribute was all right and to be honest I was expecting a little different but the artists who performed had nothing but love for him so they did what they thought was appropriate, which is fine. Mark Grant, who played before the tribute was KILLING it. he dropped Frankie Knuckles "Whistle Song" (or whatever the hell it's called) and I lost it. some classic MAW & Louie Vega for good measure and blammo... Kevin Saunderson was rocking it hard on the main stage and before him Tortured Soul played a great set.

on Sunday evening we hit up a breaks party but I didn't stay too long. I wanted to check out the party at envy, which featured Hodges, Sneak, Fred Everything, Chuck Daniels and so many other dj's I can't even remember. what I do remember is dancing and having a bloody blast at this jam.

I think I left around 2:30 or so, met up with the rest of my crew, ran into Hali and Dany Viera and then we went to White Castle, which by the way was kinda gross.

we had to leave Monday afternoon due to people having meetings and stuff back here and I was somewhat disappointed as Monday afternoon was the day I was waiting for. however, all was not lost. I had a great time, was with great friends, met tonnes of great people and stayed at a great place.

this is the longest thing I've ever written on this board.

I have pics but don't feel like going through them right now. maybe later...


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went to the last 3, was sad to miss this one

please post more pics (or links to more pics) :)
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I<3Robots said:
btw, the fountain in the picture was turned off by monday when everyone (no exaggeration) ended up with heatstroke that ventured out to catch the afternoon sets...boo hiss re: the water situation. nice article though.

is that because they turned off the cold water throughout the entire facility? i was burning my hands trying to wash them in the washrooms.


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HaliBubba said:
is that because they turned off the cold water throughout the entire facility? i was burning my hands trying to wash them in the washrooms.

yeah that was completely ridiculous (but shrewd!)

all in all it was good times - godfather was as expected, dan bell i had never seen before live and was super, super impressed, rob hood and SPEEDY J and CHRIS LIEBING!!!!!! that was hard hard hard and super delicous, loved the makeshift go-go platforms popping up during the set

jus me

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first time i've missed it in years, and the sun finally came through!


memorial day weekend seems to have always been cursed with rain.
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