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Movement 2018

What an amazing line up. I should have bought a full weekend pass, as I managed to miss Lee Burridge on the first day, as well as Laurent Garnier at the Red Bull Stage. I will go to my grave regretting that decision.

However, managed to see John Digweed kill it on the main Movement stage for about an hour and a half on day two, as well as a few lesser known acts that held court at the Red Bull and Pyramid stage. Phuture were a bit of an oddball act that really made an impression.

The underground stage was a bit off sounding - didn't quite sound as crisp as I remembered it from last year (although, this year I did remember to bring earplugs, so that could be a factor), and I wasn't really feeling most of the music that was played there. My other two friends who came with me, said that DJ Stringray was playing hard and sounding great.

First time catching Seth Troxler live as well, who played right after Digweed, and was quite the contrast to Digweeds stare at the mixer like laser beams are shooting out of them, melting the stage. He was happy, fun, and enjoying the energy of the crowd. He's someone I'd definitely seek out again if he played here.

Also saw DJ Premier for the first time live - and had a fucking blast doing some call and response themed hip hop. The crowd were completely into it, rejuvenated by the old school set with DJ Premier leading the way with the shout outs.

Finally, the main reason I went was to see the headliners - The Wu Tang Clan. I have to say that this was the first time I've ever seen a hip hop act take the stage early. I mean I give a lot of credit to Jay Z for always starting on time every time I've seen him, but coming early? Wow.

Anyways, the Wu performed the entire Enter the 36 Chambers album, even giving a word about the only skit. The followed up with individual songs from each of the members off their solo albums - GZA's Liquid Swords, Method Man's Bring the Pain, Raekwon's Ice Cream and others. Topped it off with Triumph and were willing to go for an encore, until they pulled the plug on Method Man's mic just as he was starting up the next song.

Unbelievably good time had. Met Solacecip there for the first time, rocking the U2/Discotech hard hat and a mile wide smile. Good to meet you brother, next year hope we can be a bit more social.

Also met a couple of peeps from Austin Texas (Thomas and Dawn - if you're reading this: What up! It's James! Had a great time meeting you guys) as well as righteous British bloke named Zeke with his English Royal themed lion on his arm, getting down to Inner City.

And Detroit seems to be turning around. I had a great time last year, but this year was so, so much more. More music, more sun, more good times, more friendly people and lots and lots of people all up for it.

See you next year Detroit, Movement 19 I'm already counting down the days to. Come soon. :)
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Sounds sweet, only been to Movement once and was really an experience. Glad to hear it's kept a standard for a quality festival.