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Movement 2017

I only managed to go on Saturday - however, for a first time visit, I was very impressed and I'm definitely going again next year.

Acts I managed to check out - Golf Clap at the lakeside pyramid stage, Josh Wink at the main stage (fave set), Hawtin's Close set, the Belleville Three, Larry Heard and a few others.

What an experience last week. Would love to read more from others that were there on other days.
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I LOVE THIS EVENT! I think this was my 6th year going. Myself and a posse always head to the festival. DJ Hedi, Green Velvet, Carl Cox, The Saunderson Brothers, IT ALL KICKS SO MUCH ASS.

I only wish Toronto were this cool and could put on an event like this. It was so incredible. So many heads and fans who are knowledgeable about the music. Such a great vibe. I challenge anyone who's never been to please go and check this out.

I went to the Dirty Bird After party and it was off the chains.

Going back for sure for my 7th year.

Solacevip went, looked like a good time