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Whoall is taking part in Movember?

I've signed up already: Movember Canada - Home (and am taking donations)

Fuck you Wale. Fuck you Dolphin. Fuck you Prostate Cancer!

I'll be going for either #1 or #6 as depicted here:



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Yeah, I have signed up.

Undecided as to what stache to try and grow. I am not sure if I can even grow a proper stache.


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Signed up and already have some donations. I've never grown facial hair and don't know if I'm capable but will have fun trying.
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This is a cool idea, I'm going to sign up tomorrow.
I think I'm going go with 3 or 4.

My father died three years ago due to prostate cancer.
I'll do whatever I can to support the cause.
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im in, registered, and growing the handlebar moustache for the hipster look!

my team is the whiskerburn motorboaters if you feel like joining and contributing


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I don't think I can compete with that inside of a month :(

We'll see. I'll take an updated photo soon
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