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Mountain Equipment Co-op rebrands logo with Helvetica


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Mountain Equipment Co-op rebrands to woo urban customers
The Canadian Press

National outdoor retailer Mountain Equipment Co-op is shedding its image of being a store just for the granola-eating, sandal-wearing, mountaineering-type.

The Vancouver-based retailer unveiled a new logo Tuesday in its first major rebranding since the co-operative was founded more than 40 years ago.

The redesigned logo refers to the retailer simply as MEC and does away with the iconic image of a mountain.

MEC’s chief marketing officer Anne Donohoe said the original logo was designed in 1974, and it was time for a facelift.

“The rebrand reflects the reality of the new MEC,” she said from Vancouver. “We’ve grown from six members to 3.5 million members over the last 40 years, many of whom live in urban centres.”

Donohoe said originally, the sporting goods retailer was formed in Vancouver to sell hard to find rock-climbing equipment to the outdoor enthusiast. Today, 71 per cent of its members live in urban centres.

Although MEC is still focused on providing equipment for back country hiking, skiing and paddling, it also has diversified into other areas including cycling, running and yoga.

“MEC has stayed true to its values yet is able to broaden its offering to more Canadians,” she said. “Truly, our mission is to inspire Canadians to be active outdoors.”

The new logo will begin appearing on products beginning in July, and stores will be completely rebranded sometime in September.

MEC sells more than 28,000 products at 17 stores across the country. In 2012, it reported sales of $302-million.

from the globe and mail:
Mountain Equipment Co-op rebrands to woo urban customers - The Globe and Mail
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I'm an MEC customer (member whatvr), shop there frequently, great selection, great staff.

I don't see how it's a big deal that they changed their logo.


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I don't dislike the new logo but I'll miss the old logo. It was a quintessentially Canadian icon, not unlike the CBC logo. That said, the CBC logo that we all know and love wasn't designed until '74 and has been varied since. Maybe MEC could have riffed on its established brand a bit more.

The little mountain made me think that I was building towards some great adventure every time I shopped there. The new "urban" logo doesn't inspire me. It's exactly like everything else in my urban life. But I suppose the mountain logo looked like everything around those who lived in the Rockies and went climbing all day.
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only during Black History Month.
omg that made me lool. considering those dudes on yonge-queen to dundas, it is always black history month, brother. solacevip...it would be rarer to have U2 fans allowed..j/k.

edit. my sister's ex was on the cover of one of their magazines. he does obscene dangerous repelling with the military. cool stuff.


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I don't know about you guys but for a company that essentially stole its concept and logo from REI in the US, I wouldn't call the MEC a logo a quintessentially Canadian one.



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That being said, mountains are the core element of the name and also the whole "camping/trekking" thing so..

I love the new logo - I used to work there for many years and still have very close friends that do and I hope nothing but the best for MEC.
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I don't know about you guys but for a company that essentially stole its concept and logo from REI in the US, I wouldn't call the MEC a logo a quintessentially Canadian one.

dude those logos look nothing like one another. Aside from being green. having a mountain in your logo is hardly a unique marque.



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They probably did rip it off from REI. That's how MEC started. Climbers needing gear in B.C always went across the border to REI and it was an obvious hassle, additionally when they needed back up.

Apparently Anne is making a lot of changes and may be changing much of the old positioning. I just spoke with her last week as a reference for a new CD hire over there. Curious what else is next.


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I like and have used their mail order. I like their return policy and I like some of their products however I think they could continue to improve and I suppose branding is one way.

The majority of their stores are in Eastern Canada and I would guess that the bulk of the sales are from customers living east of Winnipeg yet there is only one member on their BoD representing this region. I think more representation from Eastern Canada should be considered
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It's a rebrand for a national retailer. It's a custom designed font guys.

If by 'custom' you mean they set the word in Knockout 49, converted to outlines, then selected the end points of the 'E' bar and dragged them right to extend, then yes, it's 'custom'. Major corporate logos are often the company name simply set in a classic typeface. I took the above .jpg in to PS, overlaid Knockout and the bowls of the C and the apexes of the M match perfectly, as does the height of the E's bar.