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Motoroll c332 cell phone for sale


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User Interface:
Backlit, Clock, Text Message Indicator, Voice Mail Button, Voice Mail Indicator, Volume Select/Display, Signal Strength Indicator
Display Size: 5 lines

Size & Weight:
5.53 x 1.94 x 1.0 inches
4.0 oz.

Call Management:
Call Timers, Redial, Missed Call Indicator, Call Log, Voice Activated Dialing, Any-Key Answer, Auto-Redial, Speed Dial, Mute Control, No-Answer Transfer, One-Touch 911, Usage Alert, Vibrating Ring, Differential Ring
Phone Book Capacity: 400 entries

Advanced Messaging:
SMS Messaging Two Way, Text Messaging

Web & Data Features:
Internet Browser, Call Restrictions, Lock Alarm

Battery Strength Indicator
Minimum Rated Standby Time: 300 hours
Minimum Rated Talk Time: 330 minutes
Battery Cell Composition: Lithium Ion
Charging Time: 3 hours

Headphone Jack

Network Compatibility:

NOTE: faceplate is black and scratch (faceplate is replaceable)
Asking price $25 o.b.o.

PM me for details
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