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MOTOROLA t720 GSM cell phone x 2


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i just upgraded to the purty Sony W600i, so i dont need these anymore.
i have 2 MOTOROLA T720 cell phones...both grey.
each battery holds a full long charge.
some nicks and very minor dings on them.
they are LOCKED to Rogers.
both screens display perfectly...no fubarred areas.

each phone = $50.00.
take 1 phone and 2 batteries = $75.00.
prices are negotiable.
write up on phone below...


PM here or email ndrwrld at hot mail dot calm.
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i just realized...i only have 1 charger.
so, makes more sense to grab the bestest of the two phones, and grab the other battery, and charger.
pretty sure i can also remember where i put the user manual.