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Motorola A630 (Unlocked GSM QWERTY Cell Phone)


TRIBE Promoter
Like new, used only twice this year.
Great for heavy IM / email use.

Asking $250 Canadian. (retails for $600+)

Comes with warranty good in Toronto until October 2006, Charger and Manual.

Key Features:
Innovative and sophisticated form factor with hidden full QWERTY keyboard:
Vivid 65,000 color display (176 x 220) with the ability to view in landscape:
Bluetooth wireless technology for communication without wires and tri-band technology for :
roaming the globe where GSM network coverage and roaming agreements are present:
Integrated VGA camera with dedicated button for a simple photo process:
MMS for sending and receiving photos, animations, ringtones and icons:
Integrated hands-free speakerphone that automatically activates when the device is open during a call:
5-way navigation and dedicated gaming keypad for an enhanced gaming experience:
Polyphonic speaker for the ultimate sound and cool MP3 ringtones:
Downloadable** games, pictures, wallpaper and applications via J2ME technology:
Internet access**:


email: bsmith@subtrac.info for inquiries (GTA)

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