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motorcycle helmet fitting: suggestions?


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I want to pick up a helmet in the next couple of weeks in anticipation for spring. Any suggestions on how it should fit etc? well besides the obvious, "should fit the big head, not the little one."

I've got the plan to get a bike this year and hook up a decent outfit. But with helmets I have no idea what to look for.....

Any suggestions?
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When I bought my drit bike, and sled helmets the shop keepers were very helpful.
What I look for. They have to be snug, and when you shake your head they don't have alot of movement (vertical or horizontal)

However just get help from the people you're buying it off


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the helmet should fit your cheeks flush

also when you shake your head upside down you should not get sway in the front of the helmet

my personal advice is to spend lots of money on teh helmet, it will save your life. leathers are important because you don't want to get road rash but i spend more on my lids than on my skins


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my head was run over by a volvo station wagon. altho my Arai Quantum RR/F helmet broke in half, and my jaw was broken in 5 places, I lived, and have no visible reminders.

I wrote Arai a thank you letter, their product, altho a very pricey one, saved my life, absolutely.

I am not so sure an HJC, or even worse, and el cheapo helmet would have provided me with the same level of safety...nor would a helmet that fit the least bit loosely. The helmet should absolutely hug your head, and cheeks tightly. To the point that when you turn your head from left to right quickly, there is no movement of the helmet.