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most disgusting thing you can think of actually happening

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HAHA, this should be fun since most of you are very imaginative but lets try to keep this discussion to actual events or at least within the realm of reaility.

bodily: there are 2,

your ass thowing up

your leg bending the wrong way

both can be quite fun but very painful


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Being forced to cook and eat someone's flesh off a plate while they sit accross the table from you and watch you eat it.


Or vice versa. Either way, it's no good.
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A woman realizes that her breast implants are rotting inside of her when she notices mould coming out of her nipples.

*this one is apparently true*
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The pus/blood that came out of my infected finger yesterday. The blood inside was so stale that it provided a vile stench when I broke the skin.

On the contrary, I'm no longer in any pain.