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I have loads of mosquitoes in my back yard (we are close to the lake), what are some ways I can kill them as there are way to many of them?

Suggestions are much appreciated
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The lake shouldn't have too much to do with it - more so if you are near natural areas or standing water (ponds, ephemeral pools, etc)

First - check your property for breeding areas. Any standing water - puddles, buckets, birdbaths. blocked gutters... anywhere water collects and doesn't evaporate within a day or two. Dump and rinse them all. Keep them empty. Unfortunately you can only do this for your own property and it will still suck if your neighbours have some.

As for killing them - are you looking for something to clear a small area that you sit in or like a general mosquito kill. Because there's not much you can do for a large area other than reduce numbers by eliminating larvae but there's a lot of options for creating a small buffer around your deck or sitting area.


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So killing/repelling options are basically chemical repellents (off lanterns, thermocell) - which do smaller areas or larger attractant traps - propane based work pretty well.

How much are you willing to spend?


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no idea right now I'm looking into options, this weekend I am going to inspect the property and see if there are any breeding areas. I have two dogs so whatever I choose has to be safe for them


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Shit, I have a few in the freezer, I'll thaw 'em out!

Seriously, we investigated a bathouse, but they have some requirements; you can't just nail one to the side of your garage.