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Mosca and T Williams at Wrongbar


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Good fun night.
We got there just before midnight: the place was already busy with any number of pretty, young things.
The opening dj looked even younger! Someone said he looked just about ready for his bar mitzvah :)

His tunes were pretty good, just fine for an opening set. Even had the odd bit of soulful business in there, which always makes me happy.

Then Mosca came on and played some pretty funky stuff and also some pretty trippy stuff, but not, for the most part, boring. Of course I have no clue what any of the tracks were called, but some put a huge grin on my face while others had me bopping all around.

The place was pretty full by then. They had set up the dj tables on the side, which they sometimes do for a gig that's not anticipated to have as big a crowd (sadly, the back bar wasn't open). It's not bad like that, but means that the main glow from the lights really cuts the room in half until the people who really like the spotlight show up; when they set up at the front of the room you get more of a crowd in front of the tables.

T Williams played some more techno-y fair, and good techno. In fact it made me comment that I hadn't heard GOOD techno like that in a while. Others who were there will put some more intelligent music comment around this (hopefully!).

As an interesting side note, this guy and his friends were dancing madly and were great fun; he told me that it was his first time at Wrongbar, that he loves house music, but always went to Footwork and is starting to look for other venues now that it's closing down.

I guess there will be more of those in weeks to come.


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T Williams seriously? Bummed I wasn't even aware of this. "Dreaming" is one of my favorite tracks right now:



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Wish I knew about this! Both are favourites of mine. Who threw the event? Why am I not being spammed by them on Facebook?!
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I find it interesting that there are more comments in this thread by people who wished they had known about the gig than by people who attended!

I think this may have been a Galapagos event.