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morning uppers


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what are some good healthly sources of energy that one should consume in the morning?

i was just feeling zonked until i had a coke and coffee -- i'm now ready to work but that cant be very healthly...
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Fruit is good... ahh but that's what the hippies have brain washed me into saying.

It may not be the healthy choice but I am currently down with Mega Burn, an ephedrine based product. Half hour later I am feeling alert and peppy.


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ever since I started having my morning cup of green tea I've felt much perkier... and it doesn't have the crash the coffee has


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Protein Smoothie

Orange Juice
Blue Berries (frozen)
Strawberries (frozen)
100 grams of protein

Its a staple for the mongo diet
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okay, I sound like a junky posting this...

I have a staple supply of pills called "pro enzi 99"

admittedly, they have ephedrine in them, but in a very small dose. if i were a normal person, i'd just drink coffee, but caffeine FUCKS me up large. I take one of these in the morning, and I'm on top of the world. :p

here are the ingredients:
Mahuang herb extract ( yielding 8mg of ephedrine ) 125mg.

Non-medicinal Ingredients:
-Panax ginseng root extract ( 6mg ginsenosides ) 7.5mg,
-Thermonutrient Blend 125mg [ Steatite, Atractylodes rhizome ( Atractylodes macrocephale ]
-Baical skullcap root ( Scutellaria baicalensis )
-Reishi mushroom ( Ganoderma lucidum )
-Licorice root ( Glycyrrhiza uralensis )
-Terra alba
-Da huang root ( Rheum palmatum )
-Bladderwrack kelp ( Fucus vesiculosus )
-Field mint herb ( Mentha haplocalyx )
-Forsythia fruit ( Gardenia jasminoids )
-Ginger root ( Zingiber officinale )
-Lovage root ( Ligusticum wallichlii ) - ha ha ha!
-Schizonepeta stem ( Schizonepeta tenufolia )
-Siler root ( Ledebouriella divaricata )
-Siberian ginseng root ( Eleutherococcus senticosus )


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I hit an effie once and awhile, but I find it just gives me a high-energy-jittery case of the stupids. I normally only take one if I'm borderline disfunctional from lack of sleep.

Then I crash like Martha Stewart's networth around 4pm.

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count chocula or lucky charms... these cereals can drag me out of the deepest pit of depression/sleepiness.. and at work i usually make myself some of this stuff called "black tea" by twinnings.. it's pretty good.. better than coffee (for caffeine contenet at least) :D
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Originally posted by littlenutty
where do you purchace this stuff :)
"Naturally Yours" carries it. There are a few around the larger downtown malls.

I bought some yesterday...a bit pricey but to be honest (30 plus dollars)...it works for me.

Let me know of you get it and what you think!

ps...this is where the melatonin is at!


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Originally posted by chooch
its all about the Power Ginseng! Honest this stuff rocks!
haha, you can combine your power ginseng and ephedrine... with pro enzi 99.

you'll be licking the ceiling in no time flat, baby. :p
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