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more windows xp networking help


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i'm looking for a bit of help with my home network setup please!

i have a desktop with a couple directories of files that i share with my laptop and have it set so the laptop can modify, delete and add to those directories without any passwords or anything. my roomate just bought a new computer and we added it to the same workgroup so he can also use my desktop's printer and have access to those directories but i don't want him to be able to delete or add or modify those files.

how do i do this? all 3 systems are running windows xp (mine are professional, his is home)

thanks in advance!
in the advanced permissions for the share you can specify exactly what persmissions each person on the network has in regards to that share..

you should be able to configure it all in there
i see the advanced part but it is only giving me the usernames from the desktop system, not the others that are connected to the network
ahhh i see the problem now..
i'm not sure what you can do about that.. can you manually enter their computer name and set the permissions taht way?
or maybe you can make an account for him on your computer and set his computer to log into that share as the account you create for him.. then you'll have to local account in your list and you can modify it all you please
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