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more trance please!!


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HELP!! I NEED more tunes!!!

...will trade for my admiration!!

please post links to your latest mix, favorite mix, best friend's mix, best old mix, whatever!!




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I love tranceaddict, except for one small thing:

A LOT of sets posted are way too clubby for my personal taste - i.e. Marco V, Talla 2XLC

But its all good.

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Ive got some on my chriscarbon.lunarpages.com website...

I should have my brand spankin' new mix up hopefully in the next week or so...definitely before the end of the month...by then i should have a good percentage of my newest stuff on it..



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I have a couple tracks near completion.. just require some mastering. Will send to those interested.

ICQ: 31264152
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Does anyone on this board run a ftp server? wunderfly (or anyone else), if you want to check it out, gimme a shout on ICQ 55157342 , i would say it is about 21 gigs online and 95% of it trance.. lots of sets and singles


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thanks everyone! you're the best!

no I dont run an ftp server...

sorry I havent gotten to those who posted ICQ numbers yet... but I will! damn work